About Us

Dan Breslin Mary CircleOn April 14, 1953 the Most Rev. Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of San Diego Diocese wrote the following to the Rev. Lucian Lauerman, assistant to the pastor of Lady of Angels parish:

"You are hereby authorized to begin the work of founding a new parish in the district known as Flectcher Hills, of which you will be the pastor.... Every good wish for your success in this project."

Miraculous MedalSt. Joseph MedalOf three location options the Fletcher family airstrip was desired because it had a hangar that could be used for services until a permanent church could be built . In Faith, Fr. Lauerman placed a Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the ground at one end of the hanger and a St. Joseph Medal at the other end. He then prayed daily that the Blessed Sacrament would be enthroned on an altar at that site.

OLG Hanger ChurchOn Sunday, May 30,1954 Mass was celebrated with the hangar doors wide open. With winter coming, a homely addition was built by the men of the parish and it served until 1957 when the first permanent church (now Lauerman Hall) was completed. The school, also completed in 1957, was staffed by Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Olg Church Lauerman HallThe first permanent church was designed to seat 250 but by 1965, as the area began to develop, the parish had grown to over 1,000 families! Planning began for our current church.

Olg Church Lauerman Hall2

Our Lady Of Grace Church 2020The current church was dedicated on Nov 22, 1970.  That same year the Sisters of Mercy of Tuame took over the school.

Our Lady of Grace started as a community of faith with loving and caring people committed to discipleship and Catholic formation. 

Our equally loving and caring present day parish families carry on what came before. After all, our wonderful buildings are not the church at all.  WE are the church. Through our stewardship, service and life-long learning of our faith we will continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world.