About Us

Welcome to Our Lady of Grace

Frpetermcguine   CopySince it was founded in 1954, Our Lady of Grace parish has continued to grow.

As a parish, our interests and ministries are diverse and robust. We have active monthly clubs like 55 Plus Club, Catholic Women's Club, International Catholic Families and the Knights of Columbus. And, our active prayer life is enhanced with retreats such as "33 Days to Morning Glory." Since 1987 we have housed a chapter of the Legion of Mary and most recently added Cursillo in Action. Our women's group has begun a Women's Bible Study called Walking with Purpose, and our Food Pantry was established in 1981 to help feed those in need within our parish boundaries. In all we schedule over 30 groups, clubs and ministries every month. We have daily Mass and multiple opportunities to attend Mass on weekends. What are you waiting for? Register as a parishioner today.

Very Rev. Peter McGuine, Pastor