Returning to the Church

If you have been away from the Catholic Church we invite you to return. It is never too late to come home...

No matter what your reason for drifting away from practicing your faith, God's mercy is so much greater.  Your reason for leaving may come from great hurt.  If so, the healing love of God is waiting for you.  Perhaps you have questions about what returning will mean for your life?  The Church has answers. And, Our Lady of Grace may be just the place to experience them.

If you’re a Catholic and you’ve been away for a while, then usually all you need to do is go to Confession to return to the practice of your faith.  

We encourage you to talk to a priest, deacon, or parish staff member to find out if there is anything else you need to do and to help you connect with other members of our parish. Call (619) 469-0133 or use the Contact Us form and select Father Lauro Minimo, Fr. Marc Gandolfo or Deacon John Sawaya.

Come home to the Father’s arms. We’d love to have you among us as we follow Jesus!

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