New to the Parish • Why Register

Have you wondered why you need to register and participate with Our Lady of Grace parish?

Parishes each have their own culture and depend on members to contribute and build it. Parish life is about our experience of God in community. To create the community, the first step is getting to know one another.

When members are registered in our parish, it allows our staff an opportunity to know about you and to prepare for what might be happening to you, from good or difficult periods in your life. It also gives you a chance to know your church better because the staff can more easily keep you informed. Registering gives you the ability to participate in the sacraments and helps the staff know when to offer more faith formation or even if special clubs or ministries may be needed.

There are rights and responsibilities that come with membership in a parish. The staff is responsible to make available to our members sacraments, religious education, and spiritual support. We also have the responsibility to make it possible for our members to live their own baptismal call by providing opportunities to get involved in ministry and service. At Our Lady of Grace, we have over 20 ministries and clubs to help our members get involved making us a dynamic parish interested in serving others while enjoying our community together.

All Christians are called to take an active role in the work of the Body of Christ. While you have a right to all that is listed above, as a member, you are also responsible to help your parish community to thrive. You have the responsibility of stewardship to support the work of the parish and our universal Catholic church by giving your time, talents, and financial support.

How do you register?

Turquoise Transparent PictureFor those who have registered already, we thank you and we want you to know we are working hard for you. If you haven’t yet registered, why not take a few minutes and complete the registration form found in the vestibule of the church on the publications table near the baptismal font and return it to us in the collection basket at Mass. You may also stop in and pick up or drop off your registration to the parish office Monday-Thursday during regular working hours.