Getting Involved

Being active in parish life not only helps the parish, it benefits those who are served. If you talk with people who are involved, most will tell you they receive more than they give.  For the church that is truly a blessing, but it is also a blessing for the individual serving as well.

At Our Lady of Grace we have a variety of opportunities for becoming involved.  You may want to greet people arriving at Mass or sing in one of our choirs.  Then again you may prefer to help in our food pantry, faith formation, join one of the social organizations or serve at Mass in one of our liturgical ministries.  There is no end to what you can choose. There really is almost something for everyone.  You can become as involved as much or as little as your time allows--that is one of the reasons church organization and volunteer work are so great.  We invite you to look over all your options and give a few a try:

Prayer Ministries

Diocesan Ministries

Religious Education



Bible Study/Weekly Readings


Parish Activities and Clubs