Encounter the Real Presence of Christ in the Mass

An initiative throughout the Diocese of San Diego taking place over seven consecutive weekend Masses now through Oct 23-24.

Perhaps over time, you (or Catholics you know and love) have lost a longing for the Mass, finding Mass to be a wrestling match with a toddler; a To Do List; the pot roast in the oven or the mind; causing thoughts to drift away from present holy moments. As we are “sent forth” we can have little recollection of what the priest said, much less a powerful and prayerful Mass experience that recognizes the sovereignty of God, helps sustain faith, shores up hope and guides decisions into the days ahead.

What do we believe? The conviction to answer as the Church teaches comes from understanding the blessings of encountering the real presence of Christ in the Mass.

WELCOME to this amazing journey into the miracle of the Eucharist!

No meetings or classes are required. Be Renewed takes place during Masses on seven consecutive weekends!

INVITE anyone you know who will benefit from a better understanding of Catholic Eucharist.


Part 1: On three consecutive weekends, pre-recorded homilies will be presented at every parish, each keyed to a distinct theme. They start on Sep 11 with the Saturday vigil Mass, to be followed by the Sunday Masses the next day, and continuing to Sep 26. These homilies will be available for you to review and share.

Introductory Video

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Video available now

Wk 1 Video - Sep 11-12

Fb Euchrist Wk1 Eng
Video available now

Wk 2 Video - Sep 18-19

Fb Euchrist Wk2 Eng
Video available Sep 19 after noon.

Wk 3 Video - Sep 25-26

Fb Euchrist Wk3 Eng
Video available Sep 26 after noon.

Part 2: During the weekend Masses of Oct. 2-3, the celebrant's homily will continue to break open the meaning of the Eucharist.

Part 3: Our last three weekends of “Be Renewed,” (Oct 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24) will include brief explanations before each Mass about the meaning and history of various parts of the Mass and celebration of the Eucharist.

Don’t miss these opportunities to refresh your understanding of the Mass and renew your longing for that which is the source and summit of our faith - the Eucharist!


“It is my deepest hope that these weeks will be for us all a time to grow in our love for and understanding of this most beautiful sacrament and, in doing so, come closer to the God who has bestowed upon us every blessing we know in this world.”  ~ Bishop Robert McElroy