El Cajon Deanery

In the Roman Catholic Church, the Code of Canon Law grants bishops the ability to join together several neighboring parishes into small groups which is headed by a vicar forane, also called a dean or archpriest.

The duties of a dean are the:

  • promotion and coordination of common pastoral activity
  • ensurance that clerics within the deanery are leading a life with their state in life and perform their duties with dilligence
  • governance of religious functions following Church norms
  • maintainence and appearance of churches and sacred furnishings
  • correct management of parish books
  • maintaining parish rectory
  • ensuring priests within the deanery have access to spiritual helps and aid in difficult pastoral circumstances
  • ensuring priests within the deanery are well cared for when sick or dying

Further, the dean must follow the particular norms of the Diocese of San Diego and must visit parishes of the district in accord with the regulations made by the Bishop of San Diego.

Very Rev. Peter McGuine is the Vicar Forane of the El Cajon Deanery.