Parish Groups
The 55 Plus Club
2766 Navajo Road
El Cajon, CA 92020
The 55 Plus Club offers lunches once a month from September to June.
Our guests are not limited to OLG parishioners but friends and family
are also welcome.  This lunch program began September 2007 and
draws approximately 150 guests.  A catered lunch is served. Door
prizes consist of gift certificates.  We also have a cash opportunity
drawing. And the last event of the luncheon is five hands of bingo. All
money collected for bingo is given out in prizes.  Membership is $5 per
year.  The lunches are held in Moloney Center and the doors open at
11AM.  The lunches beginning in September 2015 will be $8.
Reservation forms are required and forms can be found in the bulletin
stands in church or in the rectory.  Please check the weekend bulletin
for information and themes for the luncheons.